Bryony Phipps Wardle is a designer, maker and researcher, based in London. Founding StudioPW after graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2019, her methodology centres around the traceability of materials and responsible design and making. 


Traditional knit techniques are re-interpreted using a combination of hand and machine processes to create tactile knitwear and accessories, that are designed to be lived in and loved for a lifetime. 


Championing the use of British wool as a local, renewable resource, all the yarns Bryony uses are carefully sourced to ensure a transparent practice. She believes it is important for us to re-connect ourselves with the materiality and origins of what we wear. Interested in telling lesser told stories, with a rebellious spirit, Bryony draws inspiration from, amongst other things; DIY cultures, British landscapes and subculture uniforms. 

Bryony also works on a freelance basis as a consultant and designer, specialising in hand knitting and sustainable practices.

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